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Academics Plus, Inc. has a variety of employment opportunities. You can choose a job option that suits your needs with our various programs or online tutoring service, APlus50. If you are a qualified teacher who enjoys educating, we encourage you to apply. Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will be in touch.

Academics Plus®, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. No employee of the company will discriminate against an applicant for employment or a fellow employee because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, any physical or mental disability or any other classes protected by state or local laws. No employee of the company will discriminate against any applicant or fellow employee because of the person’s veteran status. This policy applies to all employment practices and personnel actions including recruitment, testing, screening, hiring, selection for training, upgrading, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay and other forms of compensation or overtime.

To apply for employment with Academics Plus®, Inc. please fill out and submit the application below.

A+ 50 Tutor Application Form

Please complete the following form if you're interested in being considered as an A+ 50 tutor.
  • Please list your high school, college, post-graduate, and other education details here in the following format: School Name, Location, Graduation Year, Diploma/Degree, Major
  • If hired, your responses will be verified by a criminal record check. Conviction of a criminal offense does not automatically bar a person from employment at Academics Plus, Inc./A+50. Factors such as federal, state or local statutory requirements, the relationship of the offense to employment, the length of time since the offense and the seriousness and nature of the violation will be taken into account.
  • List all periods of employment, including military service, for the last ten years (or last four employers). Start with your most recent position and note any periods of unemployment. Please list your employment details like this: Employer Name, Date From-To, Position Title, Salary, Immediate Supervisor, Address, Phone Number, Duties Assigned, Reason for Leaving
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